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Species from Rannoch-rush Family, Scheuchzeriaceae: 1

Rannoch-rush Family, Scheuchzeriaceae

The Rannoch-rush family, Scheuchzeriaceae is the smallest on this web site with only one species, rannoch-rush (Scheuchzeria palustris), whose scientific name is one of no fewer than 7 synonyms. In order to keep the text for this family at a similar length to the other entries, let us make a list here of its other more-or-less accepted Latin names: Papillaria palustris, Scheuchzeria americana, Scheuchzeria asiatica, Scheuchzeria generalis, Scheuchzeria palustris var. americana, Scheuchzeria palustris subsp. americana, Scheuchzeria paniculata. As can be seen from its scientific names, the plant also grows outside Europe in America and Asia. It is absent in the southern hemisphere, however.

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