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Spring Crocus

Crocus vernus

  • Name also: Giant Crocus
  • Family: Iris Family – Iridaceae
  • Growing form: Perennial herb. Rhizome tuber-like, tuber 10–20 mm long.
  • Height: 5–15 cm. Leaves and flower straight from the tuber.
  • Flowering time: April–May.

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Other possible crocus species in Finland

Other possible bluish crocus species in Finland: Sieber’s crocus (C. sieberi), Tuscan crocus (C. etruskus), Tommie crocus (C. tommasinianus) and Silvery crocus (Scotsh crocus, C. biflorus). The most common yellow crocus species is Golden crocus (Sow crocus, C. chrysanthus) and other yellow crocus possible in Finland is Golden yellow crocus (C. x stellaris). Besides spring crocuses one autumn crocus species is possible in Finland, blue-flowered Autumn crocus (C. speciosus). Its flowering time is September–October before the leaves appear.

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