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Leucaspius delineatus

  • Family: Carps and minnows – Cyprinidae
  • Similar species: bleak
  • Size: 4–6 cm, seldom 10 cm or over.
  • Appearance: Body slender, tapered, though somewhat sturdier than the bleak. Mouth turned upwards. Anal fin somewhat short, 11–14 rays. Lateral line very short, extending only 7–10 scales from gill cover, may sometimes appear to be absent.
  • Colouring: Silvery with intense band along each side.
  • Reproduction: Spawning takes place in late June in warm shallow water close to the shore. Eggs laid among vegetation.
  • Food: Plankton and surface insects.
  • Distribution and habitat: Belica have been stocked in a few small ponds in Uusimaa province and Kymenlaakso (SE Finland). Originally a more southerly species, the belica is at its northernmost limit in Finland. In larger waters this little fish would probably be preyed upon by predators, but, like the crucian carp, is able to survive in small ponds.

Someone may have introduced belica into a few small waters in the Kotka area from Estonia or Russia around 100 years ago. The fish was not discovered in Finland until the early 1990s, when one such pond was being filled in. Belica were previously taken for small bleak, which they closely resemble. However, the belica is distinguished from the bleak by its shorter anal fin, dark lateral band and short, or absent, lateral line.

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