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Scophthalmus rhombus

  • Family: Turbots – Scophthalmidae
  • Similar species: dab, flounder, plaice, turbot
  • Size: 25–35 cm.
  • Appearance: Like its cousin the turbot, the brill is a flatfish with eyes generally on the left side of the head. Its large mouth contains sharp teeth. Not quite so rounded in shape as the turbot, but deeper bodied than Finland’s right-sided flatfish. Brill are easily distinguished from turbot by the almost smooth eyed side, which lacks the bony protuberances characteristic of the turbot. Part of the dorsal fin, which begins forward of the eyes, is detached, giving the fish a characteristic frill, which the turbot does not have.
  • Colouring: Underside almost always whitish, eyed side greyish brown with numerous dark spots and blotches.
  • Reproduction: Brill do not spawn in Finland’s seas because the salinity is too low to allow the eggs to float. The larvae are found close to the surface drifting with the current, and in this way have spread to Finnish waters.
  • Food: Benthic invertebrates and small fish, notably Baltic herring, sandeels and gobies.
  • Distribution and habitat: The only reliable recording in Finnish waters was off the Hanko peninsula in 2008.
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