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Broad-nosed pipefish

Syngnathus typhle

  • Family: Pipefishes and seahorses – Syngnathidae
  • Similar species: straightnose pipefish
  • Size: Usually 15–20 cm, max. 25 cm.
  • Appearance: The long, slender broad-nosed pipefish is perhaps a little easier to recognise as a fish than its cousin the straightnose pipefish. Although still thread-like, the broad-nosed pipefish is thicker in the body, which is hexagonal in cross-section. The covering of bony plates makes this little fish surprisingly tough and wiry. The snout is laterally flattened and longer than the rest of the head. Mouth flap-like, superior and oblique. The head and snout bring to mind a seahorse, of which it is a distant relative. Distinguished from the straightnose pipefish by its fan-like caudal fin.
  • Colouring: Overall green, belly yellowish, often with indistinct spots or bands.
  • Reproduction: Spawns in late June – early July. Eggs from several females are deposited, in batches of around 20, in the male’s brood pouch, where they are fertilised. The fry hatch after about 4 weeks, giving the impression that the male is giving birth to live fish. Even after hatching, the fry may linger around the male and retreat to the safety of the pouch should danger threaten.
  • Food: Plankton.
  • Distribution and habitat: Rather more of a sea species than its cousin, the straightnose pipefish. The broad-nosed pipefish is most commonly found in the sea around the Åland islands and off Finland’s SW coast. Less common in the Gulf of Finland as far east as Ruotsinpyhtää and in the Gulf of Bothnia as far north as Vaasa. Lies in a vertical position among bladderwrack for camouflage. Sucks in passing planktonic copepods using its pipette-like snout.
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