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Lota lota

  • Family: Hakes and burbots – Lotidae
  • Similar species: four-bearded rockling, viviparous blenny
  • Size: 30–70 cm, 0.5–3 kg, seldom exceeds 5 kg.
  • Appearance: An elongate, bottom-dwelling fish. Vent roughly half way along body, posterior to which the body is laterally compressed, accentuated by the long fringe of dorsal and ventral fins. First dorsal fin short and rounded, second dorsal long. Caudal fin clearly separate, rounded. Pelvic fins well forward of pectorals. Single barbel on lower jaw. Skin slimy and scales small, difficult to detect.
  • Colouring: Overall dark varying from greenish to brown. Back, sides and fins show dark, irregular markings. Belly and pelvic fins whitish.
  • Reproduction: In winter between January and March, in southern Finland usually in February. Burbot leave deep water to spawn in areas 1-3 m deep where the temperature is close to zero.
  • Food: Fry and juvenile burbot feed mainly on benthic invertebrates. Adults largely predatory, taking small fish but also fish eggs.
  • Distribution and habitat: Common in all coastal waters as well as inland waterways throughout Finland. Prefers cold water, retreating in summer to deep, cool water where it seeks food using its well developed sense of smell and feel. Does not thrive in water that is either acidic or low in oxygen.
  • Endangerment: Near threatened.
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