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Chub & Ide
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Squalius cephalus

  • Family: Carps and minnows – Cyprinidae
  • Similar species: asp, dace, ide, roach, rudd, vimba
  • Size: 20–40 cm, 250–500 g, max. 50–60 cm, 2–3 kg.
  • Appearance: The chub is a stocky, broad-backed fish similar in appearance to the ide. It can be distinguished from the ide and other cyprinids by its broad, flattish head, convex anal fin and larger scales (44–46 along lateral line).
  • Colouring: Small chub are silvery with dark backs. The scales of larger specimens develop a dark lateral edge. Eye yellow. Underside fins yellow to orange-red, anal fin usually reddish. Sides acquire a gold tinge in older individuals.
  • Reproduction: Spawns in late May on sandy or gravelly bottoms in flowing water, preferably among weed. Chub usually spawn in the river of their birth, sea-going chub returning via their home estuary.
  • Food: Bottom-dwelling invertebrates, insects, vegetation; larger chub will also take small fish, crayfish, frogs and even water voles.
  • Distribution and habitat: Chub are found only in rivers flowing into the Gulf of Finland and the lower reaches of the Gulf of Botnia and in the sea of these estuaries. They favour warm, nutrient-rich and often rather turbid rivers.
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