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Coho salmon

Oncorhynchus kisutch

  • Family: Salmonids – Salmonidae
  • Similar species: atlantic salmon, brown trout, rainbow trout
  • Size: 3–7 kg
  • Appearance: The coho is a rather deep-bodied salmon. As with other Pacific salmon species (Oncorhynchus) its anal fin has 13–19 rays, compared with a maximum of 12 for Finnish salmonids.
  • Colouring: Silver body with dark back and caudal fin showing black spots.
  • Reproduction: Not known to reproduce in the Baltic Sea area.
  • Food: Other fish.
  • Distribution and habitat: During the days of the Soviet Union, coho salmon were introduced into the Baltic by Finland’s eastern neighbour. Large numbers were caught in the 1980s. May now have disappeared.
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