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Common goby

Pomatoschistus microps

  • Family: Gobies – Gobiidae
  • Slightly similar species: black goby, sand goby, two-spotted goby
  • Size: 4–5 cm, max. 6–7 cm.
  • Appearance: Like most other gobies, the common goby’s pelvic fins are fused together, while the first dorsal fin has six fairly soft spines. Scales slightly larger (39-51 along the lateral line) than those of the sand goby. Large eye, with diameter equal to distance from edge of eye to tip of snout. Dorsal fins separate but close together.
  • Colouring: Overall colour varies from grey to sandy brown with irregular dark blotchy markings. Dark marking at base of caudal fin and dark area at base of pectorals. At breeding time the male’s colour darkens and the fins become more coloured.
  • Reproduction: Spawns in summer. The male builds a nest under a shell on a sandy bottom. In the absence of a suitable shell any level surface will do: a flat stone, a piece of broken plantpot, tile, etc. The female deposits her eggs on the underside of the nest.
  • Food: Plankton, small benthic invertebrates, especially amphipods.
  • Distribution and habitat: Found along the coast between Helsinki and Raippaluoto (off Vaasa) and the waters around the Åland islands. Like its cousin the sand goby, the common goby favours sandy bottoms though it prefers slightly shallower water.
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