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Limanda limanda

  • Family: Righteye flounders – Pleuronectidae
  • Similar species: flounder, plaice
  • Size: 25–40 cm
  • Appearance: Like other members of the family Pleuronectidae the dab usually has both eyes on the right-hand side of the head. This is not a certain means of identification, since some members of this family may be left-sided in the same way that some people are left-handed. The most distinctive characteristic is the lateral line, which shows a marked curve above the pectoral fin. The dorsal and anal fins form a gently rounded curve. Scales rough edged posteriorly. No large bony projections.
  • Colouring: Side where eyes are located is usually a uniform light brown. No red spots (compare plaice).
  • Reproduction: Spawns in spring, though probably not in Finnish sea waters.
  • Food: Bottom-living organisms.
  • Distribution and habitat: Not common in Finland’s sea areas, reported only twice off the south coast (1930s). May have been caught since then, but not distinguished from other flounders. The dab is more common in the southern Baltic south of the island of Gotland. Inhabits mainly sandy sea-beds, generally preferring fairly shallow water.

Dabs are highly valued for their flesh. Check your catch in case this little rarity is among them.

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