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Gobio gobio

  • Family: Carps and minnows – Cyprinidae
  • Similar species: none in Finland
  • Size: 9–13 cm.
  • Appearance: The diminutive gudgeon is quite different in appearance from any other of Finland’s cyprinids. A typical bottom-dweller, it has a long, slender body, eyes close to top of head, and mouth inferior. One barbel each side at back of mouth. Scales large, with 40–45 along lateral line.
  • Colouring: Back olive-green, sides silvery with a row of 6-12 dark blotches. Fins yellowish with dark spots.
  • Reproduction: Spawns between end of May and August in shallow flowing water. Lake-dwelling gudgeon move into streams to spawn.
  • Food: Small bottom invertebrates and decaying vegetation.
  • Distribution and habitat: Occurs in the rivers Vantaanjoki, Porvoonjoki, Urpalanjoki, Paimionjoki, Aurajoki, Uskelanjoki and Kokemäenjoki and in the sea off their estuaries. Also present in several lakes. Gudgeon prefer slow-flowing, often muddy streams and lakes.
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