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Pink salmon

Oncorhynchus gorbuscha

  • Family: Salmonids – Salmonidae
  • Similar species: atlantic salmon, brown trout, chum salmon
  • Size: Usually under 50 cm, 0.5-2 kg.
  • Appearance: Body slightly deeper than Finnish salmonids in general. In common with other Pacific salmon (Oncorhynchus), the anal fin has 13-19 rays, compared with a maximum of 12 in Finnish salmonids. The scales are extremely small, numbering 170-240 along the lateral line (other Pacific salmon less than 160). As spawning time approaches the male develops a pronounced kype and a characteristic humpback.
  • Colouring: Overall silver with only a few indistinct spots above the lateral line. Spots on caudal fin and base of dorsal fin more clearly marked. As spawning time approaches the upper body turns dark olive green and the sides take on pinkish markings, from which the fish derives its name.
  • Reproduction: Runs rivers in autumn, spawning in gravelly shallows in upper reaches. Dies after spawning. In Finland, thought to spawn in the rivers Tenojoki and Näätämöjoki.
  • Food: Crustaceans, squid, other fish.
  • Distribution and habitat: Pink salmon ascending the rivers Tenojoki and Näätämöjoki were introduced by the Russians along the coast off Murmansk.
  • Harmfulness: Locally harmful invasive species.
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