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Rutilus rutilus

  • Family: Carps and minnows – Cyprinidae
  • Similar species: asp, chub, dace, ide, rudd
  • Size: 10–25 cm, max. 30–35 cm and 300–500 g.
  • Appearance: Roach can vary somewhat in body shape depending on the feeding available. Larger fish that have fed well are quite deep-bodied, whereas smaller, less fortunate fish may be slimmer. In general, though, roach are deeper in the body than either dace or bleak but not so deep-bodied as rudd. The scales on roach are fairly large, with 42-45 along the lateral line, while those of rudd are slightly larger (40–43) and of chub slightly smaller (44–46). Dace, ide and asp all have much smaller scales than roach.
  • Colouring: Sides silvery with a slight bluish tinge, never golden as in rudd or ide. Eye usually red, and redder than the orange eye of rudd, although roach living in the sea or in nutrient-rich waters can have pale eyes. The fins, especially the caudal fin, are generally paler red in roach than in rudd.
  • Reproduction: Spawns in May in shallow water close to the shore. Prefers reedy areas but will also spawn on stony bottoms. Conducted in shallow water, the roach’s spawning activity can be quite noisy and visual.
  • Food: Benthic invertebrates and plant material.
  • Distribution and habitat: Roach are Finland’s third most common fish after perch and pike. Often present in large numbers where it occurs. Found along all Finland’s coast and in freshwater throughout the country with the exception of northernmost Lapland. Roach are adaptable fish but they do not tolerate acidity, which is why they are not present in all waters. Favours eutrophic water bodies and numbers have risen with increasing nutrient levels.
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