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Gymnocephalus cernua

  • Family: Perches – Percidae
  • Similar species: perch, pike-perch
  • Size: 7–15 cm, seldom larger
  • Appearance: Head larger and snout blunter than its two other family members the perch and pike-perch. Skin slimy and scales small. Spiny first dorsal fin joined at base to second. Several mucous-filled pits on either side of head. Sharp spike on posterior edge of gill cover.
  • Colouring: Overall dark brown or greyish brown. Some mottling. Dark spots on dorsal and caudal fins give the impression of stripes.
  • Reproduction: Usually in late May in water of c. 10 degrees and a depth of 1–6 m.
  • Food: Bottom-dwelling invertebrates, particularly chironomid larvae.
  • Distribution and habitat: Widespread throughout Finland’s inland and offshore waters with the exception of northern Lapland. Active at night foraging on the bottom in small groups.

The small, spiny, slimy ruffe is much more common than people might think. Seldom caught in nets unless specially fished for with a fine mesh to be used as bait for eels and other fish. A frequent catch on rod and line. The first ruffe of the evening usually marks the start of a ruffe ‘night shift’.

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