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Two-spotted goby

Gobiusculus flavescens

  • Family: Gobies – Gobiidae
  • Somewhat similar species: black goby, common goby, sand goby
  • Size: 4–6 cm.
  • Appearance: Like most other gobies, the little two-spotted goby’s pelvic fins are fused together and the eyes are on top of the head. The first dorsal fin has 6–8 soft rays (usually 7), compared with six for other similar gobies.
  • Colouring: The most brightly coloured of Finland’s gobies. Overall reddish-brown, back olive green with 3-4 large pale blotches. Large black spot with a pale halo at base of caudal fin. Males have another similar spot on side level with tip of pectoral fin. A row of smaller spots, alternately dark and pale blue, along entire length of side. Pale blue stripes running through the reddish dorsal fins and to a lesser degree on caudal fin. Colours of male become much brighter during spawning.
  • Reproduction: From June to August. The male marks out a territory among seaweed and prepares a nest by excavating a hollow beneath a stone. He then entices females in to spawn, after which the male remains to guard the eggs until they hatch. Two-spotted gobies spawn only once and then die.
  • Food: Planktonic crustaceans.
  • Distribution and habitat: The two-spotted goby is a sea fish and in Finnish waters is probably restricted to the area around the Åland islands, the SW archipelago and the western Gulf of Finland. It is also the least common of Finland’s small gobies. Not a bottom fish like other gobies but prefers to live among bladderwrack and eel grass. Lives in shoals, which can be large. Young born in the summer retreat into deeper water for the winter.
  • Endangerment: Near threatened.
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