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Coregonus albula

  • Family: Salmonids – Salmonidae
  • Similar species: bleak, peled, whitefish
  • Size: 10–20 cm, max. 30 cm.
  • Appearance: A small, slim, streamlined fish most easily confused with bleak or with small whitefish or peled. Unlike the bleak, the vendace is a member of the salmon family and thus has an adipose fin. Distinguished from the whitefish and peled by its much longer lower jaw. In the whitefish the upper jaw is longer and in the peled the jaws are of equal length.
  • Colouring: Back dark bluish green or brownish, sides silvery and belly white.
  • Reproduction: Spawns in October-November, sometimes in shallows sometimes in water up to 20 m deep, depending on the lake. Some lakes have populations that spawn in early spring in deeper water than autumn-spawning vendace in the same lake. Spawns at a young age, usually two years, sometimes in the autumn of its first year.
  • Food: Plankton, older fish also take surface insects and small fish fry.
  • Distribution and habitat: Originally a fish of the large lakes of SE Finland, vendace have been transplanted for purposes of commercial exploitation throughout Finland with the exception of northernmost Lapland, although populations have been established in lake Inarinjärvi and the river Paatsjoki. Does not tolerate brackish water well and in the sea is restricted to the eastern Gulf of Finland and the northernmost Gulf of Botnia. Vendace move in shoals in open water, preferring deep, clear water. Can tolerate more eutrophic waters provided oxygen levels are good.
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