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Species from Mustard Family, Brassicaceae: 56

Mustard Family, Brassicaceae

The Mustard family (Cabbage family, Brassicaceae, also known as Cruciferae) is familiar through turnip rapes, oilseed rapes, mustards and cabbages and is linked by the four-leaved (petals crossing), 6 stamens (4 tall and 2 short) and often long, narrow fruit (not always, however – shepherd’s purse’s fruit is triangular while on pennycresses and nasturtiums they are round). Globally the Mustard family is comprised of 350 genera and 3,500 species, most of which are herb-stemmed, but there are also a few trees included. In Finland there are 45 genera and around 100 species, most of which are hard-to-identify weeds.

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