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Species from Daisy Family, Cichorioideae Subfamily: 24

Daisy Family, Cichorioideae Subfamily

The Daisy (or Sunflower) Family (Compositae, Asteraceae) in Finland is comprised of three subfamilies; Asteroideae, Carduoideae and Cichorioideae. As the family has so many members, the plants are presented here according to their subfamilies. Worldwide the Daisy family has 12 subfamilies. Cichoroideae (Chicory subfamily) is the second-largest of those, with 225 genera containing 3,500 species (approx. 14% of the total species number in the family). The numbers in Finland are 42 and 17. Species in the family have a lot common features: the flowers are bisexual, capitular and typically develop flying hairs during the fruiting stage. The main difference between the subfamilies is that Asteroideae and Carduoideae species do not (usually) contain latex, the Cichorioideae species do.
On a global scale the Daisy family competes with the Orchid family (Orchidaceae) for the title of largest plant family in the world (number of different species). The Daisy family is out in front with 33,000 species (1,900 genera), but the Orchid family is breathing down its neck with 28,000 species (900 genera).

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