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Aizoon Stonecrop Alkanet Alpine Arnica Alpine Bartsia Alpine Bearberry Alpine Bistort Alpine Butterwort Alpine Catchfly Alpine Catsfoot Alpine Cinquefoil Alpine Enchanter's Nightshade Alpine Fleabane Alpine Lady's Mantle Alpine Meadow-­rue Alpine Milk­vetch Alpine Mouse-ear Alpine Pearlwort Alpine Pennycress Alpine Rockcress Alpine Saw-wort Alpine Sow­thistle Alpine Speedwell Alpine Sweetgrasses Alsike Clover Alternate-leaved Golden Saxifrage American Willowherb Amphibious Bistort Angular Solomon's Seal Anise Annual Baby's-breath Annual Gypsophila Annual Knawel Annual Nettle Annual Stonecrop Annual Woundwort Antennaria nordhageniana Arctic Bramble Arctic Milkvetch Arctic Mouse-ear Arctic Sandwort Arctic White Heather Arrowhead Asarabacca Asiatic Dock Asparagus Autumn Gentian Autumn Hawkbit Aztec Tobacco Baneberry Basil-thyme Bearberry Bergenia Bifid Hemp-nettle Big-flowered Foxglove Bilberry Bird's Nest Orchid Bird's-foot Trefoil Birdseye Primrose Bishop's weed Bistort Biting Stonecrop Bitter Vetch Black Bindweed Black Horehound Black Medick Black Mustard Black Nightshade Black Pea Bladder Campion Bladder Cherry Bloody Cranes­bill Blue Bugle Blue Field Madder Blue Fleabane Blue Sowthistle Bog Arum Bog Bilberry Bog Orchid Bog Rosemary Bog Stitchwort Bog Violet Bogbean Borage Breckland Thyme Bristly Bellflower Broad-leaved Dock Broad-leaved Helleborine Broad-leaved Pepperweed Broad-leaved Ragwort Broad-leaved Sermountain Broad-leaved Thyme Broad-leaved Willowherb Brooklime Brown Knapweed Buck's-beard Buckwheat Bulbous Buttercup Bulbous Chervil Bulrush Bur Forget-me-not Burnet Saxifrage Bush Vetch Cabbage Thistle California Poppy Cambridge Milk-Parsley Canada Goldenrod Canadian Fleabane Candle Larkspur Caraway Carline Thistle Catnip Caucasian Stonecrop Celery-leaved Crowfoot Chaerophyllum prescottii Chickweed Chickweed Wintergreen Chicory Chives Cleavers Cloudberry Clustered Bellflower Coltsfoot Columbine Comfrey Common Agrimony Common Butterbur Common Butterwort Common Cow-wheat Common Dog Violet Common Fumitory Common Groundsel Common Hawkweeds Common Hemp-nettle Common Mallow Common Meadow-rue Common Michaelmas Daisy Common Milkwort Common Morning Glory Common Mouse-ear Common Orache Common Poppy Common Rockrose Common Sorrel Common Storks­bill Common Sundew Common Sunflower Common Vetch Common Water Crowfoot Common Wintergreen Coralroot Bittercress Corn Chamomile Corn Cockle Corn Gromwell Corn Marigold Corn Mint Corn Salad Corn Spurrey Cornflower Corydalis intermedia Cotton Thistle Cow Parsley Cow Parsnip Cowbane Cowberry Cowslip Cranberry Creamy Strawberry Creeping Azalea Creeping Bellflower Creeping Buttercup Creeping Cinquefoil Creeping Jenny Creeping Lady's Tresses Creeping Spearwort Creeping Thistle Creeping Toadflax Creeping Yellowcress Crested Cow-wheat Crimson Clover Cross-leaved Heath Crosswort Crowberry Crown Vetch Cuckoo Flower Curled Dock Curled Thistle Cut-leaved Cranesbill Cut-leaved Dead-nettle Cutleaf Coneflower Cypress Spurge Daisy Dame's Violet Dandelions Danish Scurvy­grass Dark Mullein Dark Red Helleborine Deflexed Bur Forget-me­-not Devil's-bit Scabious Diapensia Dog's Mercury Dotted Loosestrife Dove's Foot Cranesbill Dropwort Dutchman's Pipe Dwarf Cornel Dwarf Cudweed Dwarf Mallow Dwarf Marsh Violet Dwarf Milkwort Dwarf Spurge Dyer's Rocket Dyer's Woodruff Early Coralroot Early Dog Violet Early Forget-me-not Early Marsh Orchid Early Purple Orchid Eastern Pasque Flower Elder-flowered Orchid Elecampane Evening Primrose Eyebrights Fairy Flax Fairy Slipper False Cleavers False Flax False Helleborine Fastigiate Gypsophila Fat Hen Fen Bedstraw Feverfew Field Bindweed Field Cow-wheat Field Cudweed Field Forget-me-not Field Garlic Field Milk-thistle Field Mouse-ear Field Pansy Field Pennycress Field Pepperweed Field Scabious Field Wormwood Figwort Finnish Water-lily Flat Sea Holly Fleshy Stitchwort Flixweed Flower-of-an-Hour Flowering Rush Fly Orchid Fool's Parsley Forked Catchfly Forking Larkspur Foxglove Fragrant Agrimony Fragrant Orchid Fringed Willowherb Frog Orchid Frogbit Gallant Soldier Garden Angelica Garden Cress Garden Lupine Garden Nasturtium Garden Orache Garlic Mustard German Iris Germander Speedwell Giant Bellflower Giant Goldenrod Giant Hogweed Giant Knapweed Ginger Mint Gipsywort Glabrous Orache Glabrous Rupturewort Glacier Buttercup Globeflower Goat's Rue Goat's-beard Goldenrod Goldilocks Good King Henry Grass of Parnassus Grass Pea Grassleaf Orache Great Burnet Great Masterwort Great Mullein Great Spearwort Great Sundew Great-spurred Violet Greater Bladderwort Greater Bur-marigold Greater Burdock Greater Burnet Saxifrage Greater Butterfly Orchid Greater Celandine Greater Dodder Greater Knapweed Greater Meadow­-rue Greater Plantain Greater Stitchwort Greater Water Parsnip Greater Yellowcress Green Field Speedwell Greenflower Pepperweed Greenflowered Wintergreen Grey Field Speedwell Ground Elder Ground Ivy Hairy Bittercress Hairy Rockcress Hairy St. John's-wort Hairy Tare Hairy Willowherb Hardy Geranium Hare's-foot Clover Harebell Hastate Orache Hautbois Strawberry Hawkweed Oxtongue Heartleaf Oxeye Heath Bedstraw Heath Cudweed Heath Dog Violet Heath Groundsel Heath Speedwell Heath Spotted Orchid Heather Hedge Mustard Hedge Woundwort Hedgerow Cranesbill Hemlock Hemp-agrimony Henbane Henbit Dead-nettle Hepatica Herb Bennet Herb Paris Herb Robert Highland Cudweed Hill Willowherb Himalayan Balsam Hoary Alison Hoary Cress Hoary Plantain Hoary Whitlow Grass Hollyhock Hop Horned Poppy Hornemann's Willowherb Horse-radish Hound's-tongue Hyssop Iceland Poppy Imperforate St. John's-wort Intermediate Wintergreen Irish Fleabane Ivy-leaved Speedwell Ivy-leaved Toadflax Jacob's Ladder Japanese Butterbur Japanese Hedge Parsley Japanese Knotweed Jerusalem Sage Kashubian Buttercups Kashubian Vetch Kidney Vetch Knotgrass Knotted Pearlwort Koenigia divaricata Labrador Tea Lacy Phacelia Lady's Bedstraw Lady's Mantles Lady's Slipper Lapland Lousewort Lapland Marsh Orchid Lapland Rhododendron Large Bittercress Large Brown Clover Large Hop Trefoil Large Pink Large-flowered Hemp-nettle Larger Bindweed Leafy Goosefoot Leafy Hawkweeds Leafy Spurge Least Gagea Least Water-lily Leather Leaf Leopard's Bane Lesser Bulrush Lesser Burdock Lesser Butterfly Orchid Lesser Celandine Lesser Centaury Lesser Hop Trefoil Lesser Knapweed Lesser Meadow-rue Lesser Periwinkle Lesser Spearwort Lesser Stitchwort Lesser Twayblade Lily of the Valley Liquorice Milkvetch Little Mouse-ear Long-headed Poppy Long-leaved Speedwell Long-leaved Stitchwort Long-stalked Orache Lovage Lucile's Glory-of-the-snow Madwort Maiden Pink Maltese Cross Many-seeded Goosefoot Mare's-tail Marsh Arrow-grass Marsh Bedstraw Marsh Bellflower Marsh Cinquefoil Marsh Cranesbill Marsh Cudweed Marsh Helleborine Marsh Lousewort Marsh Marigold Marsh Pea Marsh Speedwell Marsh Spurge Marsh Stitchwort Marsh Thistle Marsh Violet Marsh Willowherb Marsh Woundwort Marsh Yellowcress Martagon Lily May Lily Meadow Buttercup Meadow Cranes­bill Meadow Sage Meadow Saxifrage Meadow Vetchling Meadowsweet Melancholy Thistle Michaelmas Daisy Military Orchid Milk Thistle Milk-parsley Milkflower Willowherb Monk's Rhubarb Monkey-flower Monkshood Moon Carrot Moor-king Moschatel Moss Campion Moss Heather Motherwort Mountain Avens Mountain Clover Mountain Everlasting Mountain Heath Mountain Sandwort Mountain Sorrel Mountain St. John's-wort Mouse-ear Hawkweeds Mousetail Mugwort Multiflowered Buttercup Musk Mallow Musk Thistle Myosotis decumbens Myosotis sparsiflora Narrow-leaved Everlasting Pea Narrow-leaved Goosefoot Narrow-leaved Helleborine Narrow-leaved Lupine Narrow-leaved Pepperwort Narrow-leaved Rattle Narrowleaf Hawksbeard Navelwort Nettle-leaved Bellflower Nettle-leaved Goosefoot Night-flowering Catchfly Nipplewort Noble-flowered Birthwort Nodding Bur-marigold Nodding Wintergreen Nonea pulla Northern Androsace Northern Bedstraw Northern Dead-nettle Northern Dock Northern Dragonhead Northern Milkvetch Northern Willowherb Northern Wolfsbane Norwegian Cinquefoil Nottingham Catchfly Oak-leaved Goosefoot One-flowered Fleabane One-flowered Wintergreen Opium Poppy Orange Balsam Orange Daylily Orange Lily Oriental Poppy Orpine Oxeye Daisy Oxlip Pale Persicaria Pasque Flower Peach-leaved Bellflower Pearlwort Spurrey Pearly Everlasting Perennial Cornflower Perennial Knawel Perennial Wall Rocket Perforate St. John's-wort Persian Cornflower Persian Hogweed Persian Speedwell Petty Spurge Pilosella Cauligera Pimpernel Willowherb Pineapple Mayweed Pond Water Crowfoot Pot Marigold Prickly Comfrey Prickly Lettuce Prickly Saltwort Procumbent Pearlwort Pseudo-oriental Poppy Purple Loosestrife Purple Mullein Purple Saxifrage Pygmy Buttercup Pyramidal Bugle Ragged Robin Ragwort Ramsons Rannoch-rush Ranunculus fallax Rapeseed and Swede Red Baneberry Red Bartsia Red Campion Red Clover Red Dead-nettle Red Goosefoot Red Helleborine Red Sand-spurrey Redshank Reflexed Stonecrop Restharrow Ribbed Melilot Ribwort Plantain Rock Campion Rock Cinquefoil Rock Speedwell Rock Whitlow Grass Rocket Rolling Hen-and-chicks Rosebay Willowherb Roseroot Rough Hawkbit Rough Hawksbeard Round-leaved Wintergreen Rue-leaved Saxifrage Russian Cinquefoil Russian Comfrey Russian Globe Thistle Sainfoin Salt Bartsia Salt Sand-spurrey Sand Leek Sand Milkvetch Sand Pink Sanicle Scarlet Pimpernel Scented Mayweed Scentless Mayweed Scottish Asphodel Scottish Dock Sea Arrow-grass Sea Aster Sea Campion Sea Garden Angelica Sea Kale Sea Mayweed Sea Milkwort Sea Parsley Sea Pea Sea Plantain Sea Rocket Sea Sandwort Seaside Centaury Self-heal Sheep's Sorrel Sheep's-bit Scabious Shepherd's Purse Shining Cranesbill Shining Meadow-rue Showy Mullein Sibbaldia Siberian Cranesbill Siberian Dragonhead Siberian Primrose Siberian Spring Beauty Siberian Squill Siberian Waldsteinia Sickle Medick Silver Cinquefoil Silverweed Skullcap Small Balsam Small Bedstraw Small Bugloss Small Cow-wheat Small Cranberry Small Grape Hyacinth Small Meadow-rue Small Pasque Flower Small Toadflax Small Tumbleweed Mustard Small-flowered Cranes­bill Small-flowered Wintercress Smooth Draba Smooth Sow-thistle Smooth Tare Snakeshead Lily Sneezewort Snow Buttercup Snow Cinquefoil Snow Gentian Snow Saxifrage Snow Whitlow Grass Snowdrop Snowdrop Anemone Soapwort Solid-tubered Corydalis Solomon's Seal Spear Thistle Spear-leaved Orache Spear-leaved Skullcap Spignel Spiked Rampion Spiked Speedwell Spiny Milk-thistle Spotted Cat's­ Ear Spreading Bellflower Spring Cinquefoil Spring Crocus Spring Pasque Flower Spring Speedwell Spring Vetch Spring Whitlow Grass Star-of-Bethlehem Starry Saxifrage Sticky Catchfly Sticky Groundsel Stinging Nettle Stone Bramble Strawberry Clover Strict Forget-me-not Strict Primrose Striped Squill Suffolk Lungwort Sulphur Cinquefoil Sun Spurge Swallow-­wort Swedish Cress Sweet Cicely Sweet Flag Sweet Pea Sweet Violet Tall Jacob's Ladder Tall Melilot Tall Rockcress Tall Wormseed Wallflower Tansy Tartarian Catchfly Tasteless Stonecrop Teesdale Violet Thale Cress Thorn-apple Three-leaved Anemone Three-veined Sandwort Thrift Thuringian Cinquefoil Thyme-leaved Sandwort Thyme-leaved Speedwell Toothwort Tormentil Touch-me-not Balsam Tower Mustard Treacle Mustard Tree Lavatera Trifid Bur-marigold Tuberous Pea Tufted Forget-me-not Tufted Loosestrife Tufted Saxifrage Tufted Vetch Tumble Mustard Twayblade Twin Flower Umbellate Wintergreen Unbranched Bur-reed Upright Bedstraw Upright Bugle Valerian Valeriana sambucifolia Velvetleaf Viper's Bugloss Viper's Grass Virginia Pepperweed Virginia Strawberry Wall Hawkweeds Wall Lettuce Wall Speedwell Warty Cabbage Water Avens Water Chickweed Water Dock Water Forget-me-­not Water Lobelia Water Mint Water Pepper Water Soldier Water-plantain Wavy Bittercress Wedgeleaf Saxifrage Welted Thistle Western Bleeding-heart White Adder's Mouth White Bryony White Campion White Clover White Dead-nettle White Melilot White Mountain Orchid White Mustard White Sticky Catchfly White Stonecrop White Water-lily Whorled Mint Wig Knapweed Wild Angelica Wild Basil Wild Candytuft Wild Carrot Wild Daffodil Wild Garlic Wild Marjoram Wild Mustard Wild Pansy Wild Parsnip Wild Radish Wild Strawberry Wild Tulip Wild Turnip Winter Aconite Wintercress Woad Wonder Violet Wood Anemone Wood Betony Wood Burdock Wood Cow-wheat Wood Cranes­bill Wood Forget-me-not Wood Sorrel Wood Stitchwort Wood Vetch Woodruff Woolly Burdock Woolly Pussytoes Wooly Butterbur Wormwood Yarrow Yellow Archangel Yellow Chamomile Yellow Figwort Yellow Iris Yellow Loosestrife Yellow Marsh Saxifrage Yellow Mountain Saxifrage Yellow Oxytropis Yellow Rattle Yellow Skunk Cabbage Yellow Star of Bethlehem Yellow Toadflax Yellow Water-lily Yellow Wood Anemone Yellow Wood Sorrel Yellow Wood Violet Yellow-flowered Teasel Zigzag Clover

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