Flore pleno Galanthus elwesii Galanthus elwesii Galanthus elwesii Galanthus plicatus Galanthus plicatus Galanthus plicatus Leucojum vernum Leucojum vernum Leucojum aestivum

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Galanthus nivalis

  • Name also: Common Snowdrop
  • Family: Amaryllis Family – Amaryllidaceae
  • Growing form: Perennial bulbous herb. Bulb elliptic, white, scales brownish.
  • Height: 10–15 cm. Scape leafless.
  • Flowering time: (March–)April–May.

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Elwes’s Snowdrop & Crimean Snowdrop (Pleated Snowdrop)

Galanthus elwesii & Galanthus plicatus


Leucojum spp.

Snowflakes resemble snowdrops. Snowflakes have more leaves. Two species are possible: Spring snowflake (Leucojum vernum) flowers at the same time as snowdrops. Summer snowflake (Loddon lily, Leucojum aestivum) flowers during late spring – early summer.

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