Tulipa tarda Tulipa tarda Tulipa turkestanica Tulipa turkestanica Tulipa gesneriana Tulipa gesneriana

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Wild Tulip

Tulipa sylvestris

  • Name also: Woodland Tulip
  • Family: Lily Family – Liliaceae
  • Growing form: Perennial bulbous herb. Bulb underground, small (ca. 2 cm) egg-shaped, outeermost scale layer thin, brown. Bulbs annual – after flowering ‘master bulp’ dies after producing several ‘daughter bulbs’.
  • Height: 10–30 cm. Stem branchless, round.
  • Flowering time: May–June.

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Other popular tulip species in Finland: garden tulip (Didier’s tulip, Tulipa gesneriana), late tulip (tarda tulip, T. urumiensis) and Turkestan tulip (T. turkestanica) and different varieties and hybrids..

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