Coot & Black Swan

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Black Swan

Cygnus atratus

  • Family: Waterfowl – Anatidae
  • Appearance: A large, almost black water bird with a bright red beak.
  • Size: Length 110–140 cm (43–55 in), wingspan 160–200 cm (62–78), weight 3.7–8.7 kg (8.5–19.5 lb).
  • Nest: Large nest mounds made of plants on dry land or floating among reeds.
  • Breeding: Does not breed in Finland. Nests in large colonies in Australia and New Zealand. Nests may have 1–14 eggs. Nests with more than 8–9 eggs contain eggs laid by two females. Typical clutch size is 5–6 eggs. Incubation takes 35–48 days. Cygnets can fly within 150–170 days.
  • Distribution: Individuals sighted occasionally in Finland have escaped from collections.
  • Migration: Not migratory in the species’ natural distribution areas, though young birds may range over considerable areas.
  • Diet: Aquatic and shore plants.

Black swans are large and almost totally black in colouring. Their alula feathers, primaries and outer secondaries are white, but only become visible when birds are in flight. Their beaks are almost completely red, with whitish tips. Their irises are reddish. They have black legs. Young birds’ plumage is greyish brown with pale feather tips, and their beaks are paler.

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