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Collared Dove

Streptopelia decaocto

  • Name also: Eurasian Collared-dove
  • Family: Pigeons – Columbidae
  • Appearance: A long-tailed sandy brown dove, with a black and white collar and extensive white tail markings.
  • Size: Length 31–34 cm (12–13 in), wingspan 48–56 cm (19–22 in), weight 125–195 g (5–8 oz).
  • Nest: Sparsely built flattish nest made of twigs in trees.
  • Breeding: 2 eggs, incubated by both parents for 14–16 days. Young birds able to fly within 15 days. May raise more than one brood, from April to October.
  • Distribution: Scarce and localised breeder, found near human habitation, most common in S Finland and in towns along the Gulf of Bothnia. Thrives near grain silos, cereal farms and in parks. Finnish population estimated at 100–200 pairs. A newcomer, first recorded breeding in Vaasa in 1966.
  • Migration: Sedentary, though young birds may roam irregularly.
  • Diet: Seeds, grain.
  • Calls: Courtship call a stifled, tri-syllabic “du-duu-du”.
  • Endangerment: Endangered, protected in Finland. Globally Least concern.

Collared Doves are almost as large as Stock Doves, slender in build, with long tails, and sandy brown backs. Their belly and head are a pinkish pale brown, with a narrow black and white collar around the back of their neck. Their tails are largely greyish white (without the black stripe that borders the white on Turtle Doves’ tails). Their underwings are pale, and their wings are pale with darker tips. They have reddish legs, black beaks and red irises.

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