Feral Pigeon and Black-headed Gull

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Feral Pigeon

Columba livia domestica

  • Also called: City Dove, City Pigeon, Street Pigeon
  • Family: Pigeons – Columbidae
  • Appearance: The familiar pigeon seen widely in towns and cities. Colourations vary greatly, from white to multicoloured.
  • Size: Length 29–35 cm (11–14 in), wingspan 60–68 cm (24–27), weight 315–410 g (13–16 oz).
  • Nest: Untidy collection of twigs and straw, often built in lofts, cavities in buildings, bridge supports or holes in walls.
  • Breeding: Raises as many as four broods a year, even breeding in winter when conditions are suitable. 2 eggs incubated by both parents, for 17 days. Young birds able to fly within 35 days.
  • Distribution: In Finland found widely in cities, towns and smaller settlements, but only seldom in farmland. Estimated population 20,000–40,000 pairs.
  • Migration: Sedentary.
  • Diet: Pulses, grain, seeds, scraps of food scavenged in urban areas. Young fed on regurgitated semi-digested food.
  • Calls: Familiar cooing calls.
  • Endangerment: Least concern, unprotected most part of the year.

The familiar Feral Pigeons of our towns and cities are descended from the wild Rock Doves (Rock Pigeons, C. livia) of Southern Europe. Their appearance varies greatly. Some Feral Pigeons that closely resemble Rock Doves may be difficult to distinguish from Stock Doves, though their distinctive features include two black stripes on each wing, a white rump, and pale underwings. Feral Pigeons/Rock Doves have reddish legs, orange-red eyes, and grey beaks sometimes marked with white bases.

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