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Identify butterflies on grounds of characteristics: Colour, size, wing spots

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Alpine Grizzled Skipper Amanda's Blue Apollo Arctic Fritillary Arctic Grayling Arctic Ringlet Arctic Woodland Ringlet Arran Brown Bath White Baton Blue Black Hairstreak Black-veined White Bog Fritillary Brimstone Brown Hairstreak Camberwell Beauty Chequered Blue Chequered Skipper Chestnut Heath Clouded Apollo Clouded Yellow Comma Common Blue Compton Tortoiseshell Cranberry Blue Cranberry Fritillary Cryptic Wood White Dark Green Fritillary Dewy Ringlet Dusky Meadow Brown Dusky-winged Fritillary Essex Skipper False Heath Fritillary Freija's Fritillary Frigga's Fritillary Geranium Argus Glandon Blue Glanville Fritillary Green Hairstreak Green-underside Blue Green-veined White Grizzled Skipper Heath Fritillary High Brown Fritillary Holly Blue Jutta Arctic Lapland Fritillary Lapland Ringlet Large Blue Large Copper Large Grizzled Skipper Large Heath Large Skipper Large Tortoiseshell Large Wall Brown Large White Lesser Marbled Fritillary Lesser Purple Emperor Little Blue Map Marsh Fritillary Mazarine Blue Meadow Brown Moorland Clouded Yellow Mountain Fritillary Niobe Fritillary Norse Grayling Northern Blue Northern Brown Argus Northern Checquered Skipper Northern Clouded Yellow Northern Grizzled Skipper Northern Wall Brown Orange Tip Painted Lady Pale Arctic Clouded Yellow Pale Clouded Yellow Pallas' Fritillary Peacock Pearl-bordered Fritillary Polar Fritillary Poplar Admiral Purple Emperor Purple Hairstreak Purple-edged Copper Queen of Spain Fritillary Red Admiral Ringlet Rock Grayling Scarce Copper Scarce Fritillary Scarce Swallowtail Short-tailed Blue Silver-spotted Skipper Silver-studded Blue Silver-washed Fritillary Silvery Argus Small Copper Small Heath Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary Small Tortoiseshell Small White Speckled Wood Swallowtail Thore's Fritillary Titania's Fritillary Violet Copper White Admiral White-letter Hairstreak Wood White Woodland Brown Yellow-legged Tortoiseshell
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