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Woodland Brown

Lopinga achine

  • Family: Brushfooted Butterflies – Nymphalidae
  • Subfamily: Browns – Satyrinae
  • Wing span: Medium-sized, 39–50 mm (1.52–1.95 in.).
  • Wing upper side: Brown, both wings’ margins with row of black eyespots with yellowish orange edges. Leading edge of forewing with yellow wedge-shaped pattern.
  • Wing underside: Brown, both wings’ margins with tight row of eyespots. Eyespots black surrounded by yellow ring, especially hind wing with eyespots that also have a white centre. Hind wing with white and forewing with yellow stripes next to blotches.
  • Habitat: Rich forests.
  • Flying time: Late June–early-July.
  • Overwintering form: Caterpillar.
  • Larval foodplant: Different grasses (Poaceae) and sedges (Carex).
  • Endangerment: Endangered, protected in all of Finland.

The woodland brown is a quite new arrival in Finland – the species started to come from southeast in the beginning of 20th century but it disapperaed almost totally in 1950s. In 1990s woodland browns started to come to Finland again and today it has established its place in southern Finland, however as a very rare species. The large, yellow-edged eyespots on the upper side of the woodland brown’s wing is reminiscent of the ringlet, but the woodland brown’s eyespots are larger and they have no white centre.

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