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Species from Honeysuckle Family, Caprifoliaceae: 2

Honeysuckle Family, Caprifoliaceae

The Honeysuckle family has gone through quite a change in recent times as genera Sambucus and Viburnum have been removed and transferred to the Muskroot family (Adoxaceae). The Honeysuckle family has received new members in return as it has been merged with the Valerian family (Valerianaceae) and Teasel family (Dipsacaceae), which now only exist in out-of-date literature and web sites. Nowadays, according to The Plant List’s generic specifications (which this web site follows), the Honeysuckle family includes around 50 genera and 700 species. The numbers in Finland before things change again (due to research or the climate) stand at 8 and 14 respectively.

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